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Issue states

Note - these have changed with the launch of this new site. Issues now belong to one individual, others can be added to an issue as watchers. This is to ensure that one person is responsible at one time for the issue in general. You can also now choose in what situation you would like to be notified by visiting the my account page.

Normal ticket states

  • New the initial state of a ticket.
  • Pending your issue has been assigned and will be started shortly.
  • In Progress the issue is being dealt with by the assignee.
  • Resolved the developer has marked the issue as complete - the requested should close the ticket if they are happy.
  • Closed the issue is complete and finished, normally the requester of the issue is expected to set this state.

Other states

  • Parked this is to indicate than an issue is noted for addressing in the distant future.
  • Rejected the issue was not dealt with and is closed.
  • Feedback further information is required from the requester of the issue in order to progress the issue.