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Issue states

Our tracker is quite simple, we aim to estimate all tasks and update you on progress as we go, the status of the issue indicates the pivotal steps in the life cycle of your request and these include -

  • New the initial state of a ticket.
  • Pending your issue has been assigned and will be started shortly.
  • In Progress the issue is being dealt with by the assignee.
  • Resolved the developer has marked the issue as complete - the requested should close the ticket if they are happy.
  • Closed the issue is complete and finished, normally the requester of the issue is expected to set this state.
  • Feedback further information is required from the requester of the issue in order to progress the issue.

Issue priority

  • Low – time isn’t crucial
  • Normal – typically within 2 days
  • High – same day
  • Urgent – half day
  • Immediate – within 2 hours


One thing worth noting is that the issue tracker does not replace a conversation with you. If at anytime something isn’t clear or you want to just send us a message by other means you can still do this. Obviously the more you engage with our tracker the more efficient we can be, our recommendation is to contact us after raising your request if your unsure or the task is a priority, so we can have a quick chat about the nature of the task, and what you want to achieve and ensure the issue is as clear as possible on the tracker. Then the tracker can be made to work for us to help progress your task.

Text doesn’t impart emotion and sometimes a quick talk can make all the difference – we’re here to help and will happily update the issue(s) where needed to ensure that we’re on the right page and delivering on your expectations.

Please see our guide on how to raise a good issue